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Summer of 42 Epilogue

Photo Credit and Details

  • Title: Summer of '42 Epilogue
  • Maker: Young McQueen
  • Location: Mar 14, 2020, Marineland
  • Camera: Sony a7rmII
  • Lens: Canon 70-200 f4 at 200mm
  • Settings: Manual, Iso: 100, 1/320 f 8


After some beach photography. I was returning to my car. I saw the three boys playing in the dunes. For some reason I grabbed a shot without adjusting any of my settings. In the back of my mind I knew it to be illegal to even walk in the dunes. This must have motivated the shot as I usually never photograph children.
When I looked at the image in post, it took me back to the movie, Summer of '42. Three boys are coming of age in the company of Dorothy (Jennifer O'Neill), She lived in a house on the beach that summer on Nantucket. The house in the image, fading into the past is Dorothy's and the three boys are leaving the summer behind and moving on with their life into adulthood. Yes the boys are a little young but. . . just imagine.

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