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7.8.19_CarolinePeppiatt_BREAKNECK BREAKFAST 450x300

Photo Credit and Details

  • Maker: Caroline Peppiatt
  • Location: St. Augustine Alligator Farm
  • When: May 28, 2019
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Lens: 70-200 mm/2x extender (252 mm)
  • Settings: Shutter speed: 1/800 sec, Aperture:f/8, ISO:1000

Comments: Photographers come to the rookery at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine Beach from all over the world to get up close and personal with Florida’s exotic wading birds. You’ll find me there most mornings from March through May.  I never tire of watching the great white egrets preening, nesting, brooding and feeding their chicks in that gigantic, ancient water oak tree. I captured this bird feeding its ravenous chick as they balanced out on a limb on a cloudy, breezy morning.


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